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“Affordable, easy access, friendly staff”.

"I came into CAS on a drizzly Saturday morning, 21 weeks pregnant, with a splitting sinus headache, bursitis pain that was waking me up 6-7 times a night, and no safe medical remedy in sight. Although I did not have an appointment and the chairs were all full. Gianna made time to fit me in. Her calm, soothing manner, and the peaceful atmosphere of CAS provided a little oasis in my day. I highly recommend CAS to anyone looking for affordable, timely, and professional acupuncture in the Olympia area". - MH

"I have been working in the construction field for 20 years and I have had chronic lower back pain for the past 9 years. Since I started going to CAS for acupuncture, I have been virtually pain free. Thank you". - DG

"In my case, treatments addressed ongoing depression, insomnia and anxiety. My sense of wellbeing was palpably improved and her care helped me through a very difficult transition time". - BLB

“I’ve been coming for a year and have experienced life changing results. I sleep great, my digestion has improved, and my anxiety is decreasing. My chronic pain has reduced as a result of act detoxing. The staff is compassionate and empathetic. Healing in a community environment has felt more beneficial to my well-being than being in a private office. CAS has a warm and welcoming environment I can feel myself relax when I walk in the door. I know my whole being is being taken care of”. – AB

“A most amazing experience! Thank you!”

“I love Community Acupuncture. I am listened to and treated very kindly and professionally. The room is peaceful and comfortable. The acupuncturists are trained well. I always feel better when I leave. Thank you for your affordable prices”. - NH

“Truly, a place of peace and tranquility. My experience has been one of personable, private and conscientious treatment. This is a practice of balance and healing. I came for pain management with the encouragement of my orthopedic surgeon and have stayed due to remarkable results including other areas that needed attention”. - JR

"You did wonders for me - the neck and shoulder blade pain has subsided considerably and the groin pain is gone altogether. I am also sleeping much better than before. The atmosphere was excellent, and your care and consideration was very professional. Thank you so much for making me feel like "ME" again”. – SC

"My acupuncturist was intelligent, thoughtful and thorough.  The facility was very clean.  I feel that all safety precautions were made to keep it a healthy environment. I highly recommend treatment at this establishment.  I will be back!" 
"I really enjoy this place.  My seasonal issues always seem to go away much quicker.  They place is calming and dim very easy to relax.  The acupuncturists are always nice and attentive.  Would recommend."             -JD
"So amazing. The vibe is just right for getting into a relaxed frame of mind. Every visit is enriching and I always leave feeling blissful and contented. The staff is very professional and the business is community based....can't say enough good things about this place."    -LT

“I’ve had only three sessions, and for the first time in MANY years, I am going days at a time without headaches. My first visit, I went on the tail end of a killer migraine, and it was gone within a couple hours of treatment. This stuff works! And thanks to CAS, I can afford it now!” - LD

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